H&K Operate Casting TaylorMade, a boutique extras casting company, suppling custom 'taylored' background talent for the TV, Film & Commercial Industries. 


Heather Taylor

Kalas Pendergraft - Casting Associate

Kalas Pendergraft

The dynamic duo individually cast every single actor/actress on your production.

Quantity absolutely cannot dilute the quality of these women's expertise.Together they choreograph extravagantly dynamic landscapes for Atlanta's most premier productions.  

Every single performer is treated with principle importance - every wardrobe note, every age, ethnicity, and gender - we can provide in a minutes notice. 
Paying extreme attention to detail, we bring the visions of a Production to Life.
We offer an unbeatably exclusive ability - to provide a seamless outcome for giant Production Companies & extraordinary amount actors and actresses.

Are you a Production interested in hiring Casting TaylorMade for future Extras Casting needs?


Katy Bea

Creative Director
Assistant to Heather/Kalas