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10/29 + 10/30 + 10/31 + 11/1 ST3 Booking Confirmation

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Good Evening and Thank YOU so much again for everything you have done up until & going forward to make this FILMING OF ST3 happen We SERIOUSLY couldn’t do this without you!

We currently have you booked for one or more dates for our “ST Festival Scene”.

At this point, we want CHECK IN ONE MORE TIME to make sure we are all on the same page with the dates we have you booked - your final work dates would consist of the following dates:

Monday - October 29th

Tuesday - October 30th

Wednesday - October 31st

Thursday - November 1st

Everyone has been booked for different dates during this time. Please CLICK THE DATES BELOW THAT YOU ARE CONFIRMED FOR.

The dates you click below should reflect the exact dates we have you booked for, (this is not a way to cancel), as we already have the dates recorded you have promised to work, this is just a reconfirmation.

PLEASE NOTE : we will not have your official call time information until the night before each of your booking(s)!

There is no excuse for a cancelation other than an emergency! We are counting on you being there 100% ALL OF THE DATES YOU SIGNED UP FOR = if you quit, there will be consequences - if in the event something like that happens we need to find your replacement immediately!

LOCATION : Between ATL airport and Peachtree city (projected to be closer to PTC)

CALL TIME : (TBD) Later Afternoon Call Times - Overnight Filming

RATE : $75 / 8hrs

*Marching Band Members : If you have been pre-fit in a marching band instrument and been specifically contacted regarding what instrument you will be bringing etc.. then your rate will be $150/12hrs.

*If you are booked with a vintage vehicle, please make sure to list it in the form below, and you will receive an additional $100 bump on top of your $75/8hr rate

Name *
Phone *
Confirm : *
Do not text us that you've made a mistake, please get this correct (PLEASE)...
Please enter in this format only : 24
FItting *
Have you been fit for a 4th of July scene yet?
Optional Additional Skills
Square Dancing *
Are you a square dancer? Yes - I am an amazing square dancer. Kinda - I am a dancer but I don't know squaredance specifics (but I'll youtube it and fake it till I make it)
String Quartet
Can you play any of the following instruments for a Squaredance Small String Band
PLEASE DO NOT TEXT US - WE NEED ALL THE INFO IN ONE PLACE, SO WE DO NOT LOSE IT - Please list all of your questions and concerns here (that are DIRE NEED ONLY) here below. WE will answer you as soon as physically possible. Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation in making this EASY FOR BOTH YOU AND US!
If you have a vintage vehicle hear 1986 or older, please write the Year, Make, Model, and Color below. Please leave blank if not
Earlier Event: October 29
10-11/2018 ST3 Availability Check