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Friday, October 26th 2018 BK 1920's Availability Check

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This is an availability check to work on our newest TV Series for HBO’s "Brooklyn", which stars Regina King, Don Johnson, Jeremy Irons, and many more….


⭐️ Caucasian Males 1930s



Caucasian ONLY

Ages : 18 - 100 yrs

Call Time : TBD (Split / Call *which means you will work until approx 2am at the very latest, and call time will be after 12:00pm)

Location : Chamblee, GA

Rate : $75 / 8 hrs

Date : Friday - October 26th

Come play dress up and go back to the 1930s

Please help us out - we really need you for this amazingly special 1930s Featured Male.

There will be a super quick approx 20min fitting on Tuesday or Wednesday, we have several times and will make it work with your schedule (the fitting will be located at Metro Atlanta Studios).

This is a very small scene (we are being extremely picky as there are only 15 males, but Heather won’t stop until she finds the perfect 1930s looks - so sorry in advance for spamming your inbox.

*If you happen to be one of the few people she has already booked- please ignore this email as we are sending it to people that should meet the type of ethnicity / age range we are looking for.


IF YOU ARE AVAILABLE : Please UPLOAD a current photo or selfie of yourself so we can see exactly what your hair looks like to determine if you would be right for this role - PLEASE make sure you save your photo with the same FIRST & LAST NAME you provide in the form below.

IF YOU ARE NOT AVAILABLE : Please DON’T upload a photo

Name *
Phone *
Please don't forget to tell us your Height!
Please don't forget to tell us your Weight!
Availability *
Please let us know if you would be AVAILABLE or NOT ?
Fitting *
Please let us know if you can make a fitting - they are saying it is mandatory, so PLEASE try your best!
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10/25 ST3 Availability Check