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11/2 RUSH CALL - MARCHING BAND ST3 - Availability Check

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We have currently been filming a scene on Stranger Things, Season 3, that has required a small Marching Band!

We have added a filming day, today/night.. Friday November 2nd, and our production team would like to add a few more MARCHING BAND MEMBERS who can provide their own instrument to come and work with us today!

Date: Today, Friday November 2nd

Location: TBD

approx 20 mins south of Atlanta, GA

Call Time: 3:00 PM ..

..however, if you could come in sometime prior to 6-7pm, we would still be interested in considering you for this.

Rate: $150/12hrs

and if you are there longer than 12hrs you will receive overtime

Details: Overnight Scene

this scene will film OVERNIGHT and will most likely need you from your call time until they finish filming in the early morning hours. This could be around 3am, or this could be early tomorrow morning, around 7 or 8am. We DO NOT KNOW how long filming will take tonight, but we can assure you our cast and crew will all be there participating until we finish tonight!

This is NOT an automatic booking!

Please fill out the form below ASAP, and let us know if we can consider you etc.! If we want to CONFIRM you for today, we will reach out via TEXT to confirm you.

We also need to get a current SELFIE that shows your hair length. Once you fill out the form, a link will pop up to upload your SELFIE. Please name your photo with your first and last name, so we can correlate it with your form replies!

Name *
Phone *
Availability *
Please write a brief description below of the instrument you have to provide, or no instrument, and your previous marching band history and experience.
Interested in NON Marching Band Member? *
If you are not needed for the marching band member, are you interested in being considered for a 1980s male or female festival goer role, which pays $75 / 8hrs?