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11/12-11/20 Photo Double BK Availability Check

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This is an availability check to work on our newest TV Series for HBO’s "Brooklyn", which stars Regina King, Don Johnson, Jeremy Irons, and many more….

We are looking for a PHOTO DOUBLE to work as many days as possible next week that meets the following specifications:

Caucasian Female

Hair Color: Brunette

Height: 5’2 - 5’4

Slim / Slender

The rate for Photo Doubles is $150 / 12 hrs.

Name *
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Availability : *
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To be considered for this booking you must fill out every question below. Please do not fill out the form below if you are not available. ✅IF YOU ARE AVAILABLE : Please UPLOAD one current full-length photo of yourself so we can see exactly what your hair and body type look like to determine if you would be right for this role - PLEASE make sure you save your photo with the same FIRST & LAST NAME you provide in the form below. 🚫IF YOU ARE NOT AVAILABLE : Please DON’T upload a photo