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October - November / 2018 ST Availability Check Featured Man


You are receiving this email because we have received your submission to work with us on “Stranger Things Season 3”, and we would like to know if your availability is still open in order to be considered to work with us on these various dates. Please DO NOT CUT or CHANGE YOUR HAIR (once submitting your current selfie) as you are being considered for this Featured role. If you have not heard from us by the end of day on Tuesday you are not needed for these dates / and you can release your hold for these dates (all date are mandatory to be apart of this booking). The rate for this role is $150/12hrs - it is possible that dates could change around slightly, since we are nearing the end of our season (and things get crazy), so we only want people from GA or close by cities, that could come to set if needed within a 12hr notice (just incase).

We are looking to book few fresh faces to our production that have good availability.

If you are selected you will be required to come in for a fitting this Monday 10/15 or Tuesday 10/6.

FILMING DATES: October 18th, 19th - November 1st, 5th, 6th (you must be available all dates to work on this SUPER featured spot)

LOCATION : Atlanta, GA

CALL TIMES : TBD (most likely early morning call times always)


If you are AVAILABLE for any of the dates below please make sure to UPLOAD your current selfie (we want to see what your hair looks like today - no head shots or special photos, we want real time). Please save your selfie with the same First & Last Name that you use to fill out the form below.

If you are NOT AVAILABLE - please DO NOT upload a selfie


Name *
Phone *
Please include the best number to TEXT you on for any reason.
Please tell us your height in feet and inches
Please tell us your weight in lbs
Please select the following option below that applies - we realize some time has gone by since you submitted so we want to double confirm you would be available these dates needed.
Fitting *
You must attend a fitting either this Monday (10/15), Tuesday (10/16) or Wednesday (10/17)
Hair Modification *
Males - we will most likely be wanting to leave your hair as is and for you to keep letting it grow - for some of you with longer hair styles they may cut your hair / style your hair (if your hair is longer than your Chin they will most likely want to cut your hair to a length around Chin, possibly shorter) - You must also be open to being clean shaven if needed. Females - we will most likely be wanting cut your hair into having more layers, if you are open to bangs they will 100% want to cut them, the longest your hair will be allowed to be is to the top of your shoulders - so if you hair is longer be prepared to have it cut.
Worked Before on "ST3" ? *
Did you work on Stranger Things, Season 3 yet?
Please tell us the City and State you currently reside in.

Please do not forget to upload a CURRENT selfie showing your hair length TODAY - and make sure you do not cut or alter your hair whatsoever between now and any potential work date!

Thank you for everything in advanced, and we can not wait to hopefully work with you soon or in the very near future!


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