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  • Atlanta, GA United States (map)

This is an availability check to work on our newest Feature Film "Just Mercy" which will be filming from September 5th through the end of October.

"Just Mercy" is a true story- ARTICLE - I have included this link so you can read more about it.  This story takes place mostly in the later 80s / early 90s! The main actors cast for this Feature Film are Michael B Jordan, and Jamie Fox :)

We would love to know what your availability is like during the next coming months- as you worked with us on "Trail By Fire" and this production has a somewhat similar vibe. There will be reoccurring Prisoners, Guards, and other Courthouse and Jail patrons needed for these scenes.

Please help us out by replying back to this AVAILABILITY CHECK ASAP letting us know what your availability is like for the next 2 months. I have made check boxes for all of the dates we will be filming (Wednesday's - Sunday's in Sept and then film Monday's - Friday's in Oct), if you have open availability it doesn't mean you will work everyday, we just want to have a good idea what your next 2 months are like - currently we are still in pre-production and we all know how things do tend to change around, always, and especially before we begin filming.

We will do our best to reach out to you to let you know if we want you on certain date / dates ASAP. LOCATION - this production will film in Atlanta, GA and surrounding cities (such as Conyers & Douglasville)

Since this Production is set in the 80s / 90s there are hair requirements - before when you worked with us you fit these requirements, please still apply if you are available and we will let you know thoughts about your hair if it's a problem / will also submit you to hair if we think it could work, just to be sure.


  • MALE HAIR REQUIREMENTS: Hair MUST be at least 2" long all around. Hair should all be the same length, no fades or sharp edges are allowed (no modern styles or unnatural colors). We'd much rather your hair be too long than too short - if interested please feel free to apply (even if you do not totally meet these exact requirements).

  • FEMALE HAIR REQUIREMENTS: Hair should ideally be shorter in length. Hair color should be a natural color, traditional highlights are ok (on a case by case basis). Layers and bangs are great - if interested please feel free to apply (even if you do not totally meet these exact requirements).

PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO UPLOAD A SELFIE AFTER YOU'VE FILL OUT & SUBMIT THE BELOW FORM (please save your file with the same First & Last name used on the form)

IF YOU ARE NOT AVAILABLE ? please DO NOT upload a selfie.


Name *
Phone *
Jacket Size (Males) Dress Size (Females)
Hair & Facial Hair Modification *
Where are you currently located ?
Dates : *
Please let us know what dates your are available, we have also included a NOT AVAILABLE check mark as well as an ALWAYS AVAILABLE check mark (for your convenience)