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SISC PEOPLE - 6/14 + 6/15 Stranger Things Availability Check



You are receiving this email because you worked with us on SISC for our 90's scene! We are currently casting a few additional people for MALL SCENES on the Netflix Series: Stranger Things

If you have already been booked for these scenes, you can ignore this email. HOWEVER, if not, we would like to check your availability for:



CALL TIME : TBD (day filming - not overnight)

LOCATION : Both dates will be at the same location - 30min North of Atlanta, GA

Please let us know your availability in the form below:

(no need to text us your availability as we will not be checking texts when booking these spots)

WE PROMISE TO REACH OUT DIRECTLY if we would like to book you for the date(s) you are available - please do your best to keep your availability open for us for any dates you stated available until this evening - Tuesday the 12th! 

If you have not heard back from us by Wednesday 6/13, we do not need you for these specific dates, and will check back in the future.

Name *
Phone *
Availability Check *
Please note if you choose available that does not mean you are booked (we will be reaching out to you directly to let you know you are booked by Tuesday Night 6/12)